2G Sunset Update: Deadline Approaches for Telematics Device Users

Article Published by Geotab
Author: Stephanie Voelker, Vice President, Channel Sales, North America

The 2G sunset is quickly approaching. The shutdown of the 2G network by cellular carriers such as AT&T is now only months away and in some regions it has already started.

2G Sunset Paves the Way for Faster, More Advanced Services

This 2G migration is part of the natural evolution of technology as consumers and businesses demand faster and more advanced service. The first generation (1G) cellular network, or Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS), was retired by carriers in 2008 in the United States. Many connected devices will be affected by the 2G shutdown, including M2M devices such as wireless security alarm systems, vending machines, and telematics units.

How will this affect you? If your business fleet has any telematics devices on 2G, there will be connectivity issues and the units may stop reporting as early as October 2016. To avoid any unplanned disruption, Geotab strongly encourages end users to upgrade their devices to 3G as soon as possible.


The new Geotab GO7 3G vehicle tracking device has key advantages over the older hardware. The Geotab GO7 is a small, yet extremely powerful telematics measurement tool that offers state-of-the-art GPS technology, g-force monitoring, GEOTAB IOX expandability, and engine and battery health assessments. Read our list of the top benefits of upgrading to next generation technology.

21 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to the new Geotab GO7 Device:


3G gives you more speed and power.

  1. Faster Speed — The Geotab GO7 device has fast GPS acquisition time using Almanac OTA support for superior data accuracy.
  2. High-Quality Recording — A patented curve-based algorithm for GPS/voltage/accelerometer/engine data logging provides valuable information on the vehicle health and fleet safety with fewer, more accurate data points.
  3. More Memory — With 32-Mb memory, the device can record tens of thousands of logs in offline mode. The device can also run newer firmware, allowing for the collection of richer vehicle data.
  4. Improved G-force monitoring — The Geotab GO7 takes more sensitive readings compared to the accelerometer in the Geotab GO5 device.

Geotab telematics device

The Geotab GO7 offers many extra features, without adding a lot of cost.

  1. Seat Belt Usage for compatible vehicles — Knowing whether drivers are wearing their seat belts is critical in assessing risk and safety.
  2. Engine Diagnostics — Collect engine status data for all major engine protocols, such as fuel usage, voltage, coolant temperature, and fluid levels. The Geotab GO7 is compatible with diverse vehicle types: hybrids, electric vehicles, delivery vans, and highway trucks.
  3. In-Vehicle Alerts — Instantly notify drivers of infractions and provide live coaching to drivers with hardware Add-Ons. Provide driver feedback by in-cab buzzer or spoken instructions.
  4. Accident Detection and Notification
  5. Backwards Compatibility — If a 3G network is not present, the device will fall back and communicate via 2G, if available.
  6. Compact Size and Durability — There is no external antenna on the Geotab GO7 device. A self-contained device prevent failures due to cut wires. As well, installation is faster when there are no antennas to mount or wires to route through the vehicle dashboard.
  7. Easy Plug-&-Play Installation
  8. Over The Air (OTA) Firmware Updates
  9. Affordability — With the Geotab GO7, you can access premium tracking solutions at a low price point, getting the best return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Your fleet will have peace of mind with customization, IOX technology, and apps, accessories, and software add-ins from the Geotab Marketplace.

  1. Future-Proof Technology — With endless customization options and scalability, the Geotab GO7 can accommodate your changing business needs and grow with your fleet.
  2. IOX Expansion — Increase your fleet’s productivity, efficiency, safety, and compliance with Input-Output Expander technology and third-party integration for driver ID, temperature tracking, camera systems, peripheral monitoring, Iridium satellite backup, and more.
  3. Geotab Marketplace — The Geotab Marketplace is a growing ecosystem of business-focused applications and add-ons for dispatch & workflow, driver training, fuel management, mapping, route optimization, vehicle maintenance, and many other useful tools.

IOX expandability from Geotab telematics

With the Geotab GO7 GPS vehicle tracking device, you are also eligible for ProPlus, which includes added benefits like:

  1. Limited Lifetime Device Warranty – You will never have to worry about carrier changes like this again with our new limited lifetime warranty.
  2. Active Tracking — View fluid vehicle movements on a live animated map with true live location tracking. With Active Tracking, location information is delivered at a higher frequency and precision. Dispatchers can follow precise vehicle movements, ensuring the vehicle arrives safely to its destination. Patented algorithms provide smooth, steady movement instead of jagged, jumpy trails.
  3. GO TALK Advanced Driver Coaching — Deliver spoken feedback to drivers while they’re on the road with the GO TALK in-vehicle verbal coaching solution. GO TALK recently won Gold at the Golden Bridge Awards.
  4. Hours of Service Compliance with Geotab Drive — Geotab Drive is a mobile app for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), HOS and driver identification, compatible with Android and iOS. Version 4.0 of Geotab Drive has a simplified driver’s workflow and strengthened compliance with the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rules.
  5. Dispatch/Navigation & Messaging with Garmin.

Geotab Drive 4.0 for HOS, DVIR, Compliance

The Benefits Are Clear

Using 3G telematics technology has clear benefits over 2G. Over the years, we have increased the data that  can be collected from the vehicle. This data includes richer engine diagnostic data, seat belt usage, and engine health monitoring through temperatures, and fluid level monitoring.  We have even improved G-force monitoring from the early accelerometer in GO5 by using more sensitive readings. Most importantly, the GO7 has the ability to add on additional sensor or solutions through the IOX port.

After the 2G sunset, is there a 3G sunset on the horizon? The wireless carriers have not announced any plans to phase out the 3G network in the near future. So, 3G will continue to be a great option for GPS vehicle tracking.

How Do I Upgrade?

Geotab is offering a special promotion through our resellers to help customers with 2G hardware make the transition to new technology.

To learn how to upgrade, please go to our 2G Sunset web page.

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