Unassigned yard moves easier to handle

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Author: Bryce Hong is a Product Manager at Geotab.

A new filter in MyGeotab allows you to see trips that took only place within a private yard.

Geotab has introduced a new filtering feature in MyGeotab to make it easier to manage yard moves. A yard move is considered a special driving category by the FMCSA. During yard moves, the ELD records time as on-duty but not as driving time.

New feature available: Show Only Yard Moves filter

The Show Only Yard Moves filter is a new option for MyGeotab users when viewing Duty Status Logs under the Unidentified Driver account. When enabled, it will only display unassigned logs for trips that were fully contained within a private yard, as designated by the motor carrier.

As part of the ELD mandate, all unassigned logs must be:

  • Assigned to the correct driver, or
  • Annotated to explain why they cannot be assigned by the carrier.

Typically, a significant number of unassigned logs are created by mechanics and jockeys who reposition the vehicle within a private yard. Often, carriers may not have created ELD accounts for all these users. Therefore, this Yard Move feature allows admin staff to quickly isolate and perform a bulk annotation to reconcile all these events at once.

See alsoELD FAQs on Unassigned driving time

Set up for Administrators

The built-in rule Vehicle Movement Within Zones allows you to find events where a vehicle or vehicles moved only within the specified zone type, without leaving the zone.
By creating zones around your private yards and designating them with the same zone type, you can use the Vehicle Movement Within Zones rule to identify trips that fully occurred within the yard.

To find this rule in MyGeotab, go to Rules & Groups > Rules, and it is listed under the Fleet category.

Vehicle movement within zones

Reprocess data to capture historical trips

Please note that to retroactively capture trips under this rule, you must reprocess your database. For instructions, view this Geotab Community post: How to reprocess data on MyGeotab.

Performing the bulk annotation

After the set up has been completed, all applicable unassigned events can be filtered for using the Show Only Yard Moves option when displaying Duty Status Logs for the Unidentified Driver account. The option is only visible when selecting the Unidentified Driver.

Performing bulk annotation

Once the results are displayed, the administrator can perform a bulk annotation of selected unassigned logs.

Watch this video to learn how to bulk annotate unidentified logs by vehicle in MyGeotab. For further guidance, see also the Geotab Community post: How to edit multiple HOS logs in MyGeotab.




Then, you can search again for all logs under the unidentified driver profile (set “Show Only Yard Moves” to No), and filter for logs “Without annotations” to deal with the remaining unassigned drive time.

Duty status logs

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