Geotab Data Bootcamp recap 2019

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Author: Bob Bradley, Business Intelligence Solutions Managerr

Fleet and connected vehicle professionals gathered for the first ever Geotab Data Bootcamp, a four day event featuring instructor-led and hands-on workshops. The goal of the event was to give business leaders and professionals the opportunity to learn about managing and delivering solutions using big data. The workshops focused on AI, machine learning, and data-related topics hosted by various subject matter experts. Registration filled very quickly but don’t worry if you missed it, here is the event recap.

Day 1: Core concepts

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from thought leaders from Google, Deloitte and other industry experts on how to effectively leverage business data and AI. The bootcamp was divided into two streams:

  1. Management stream: Featuring thought leaders and data scientists from Geotab, as well as guest speakers who discussed core concepts in AI and machine learning for business.
  2. Technical stream: Consisting of hands-on training in AI, data engineering and visualization, with an emphasis on telematics.

Day 2: Big data basics with a telematics twist

Geotab’s CEO, Neil Cawse kicked off a full day of management focused sessions while emphasizing the importance of big data. He provided insight on how Geotab leverages big data to drive growth and innovation. The main message from his talk was to start tapping into your own business intelligence today. 

Data privacy, AI and telematics strategy were more hot topics on Day 2. Keynote speakers from Google,, and Deloitte shared insights with attendees on how to best leverage data and AI in business. A fleet case study from Second Harvest was also highlighted.

Data Bootcamp Neil Cawse

Day 3: Building on the basics

Daniel Lewis, Senior Data Scientist at Geotab, kicked off Day 3. Attendees had the opportunity to build their own — and for some, their very first — machine learningmodel. Armed with new-found knowledge, they explored how this can be applied to business processes like predictive and preventative maintenance. Attendees also picked up skills in data preparation and data storytelling, including hands-on experience with some popular dashboarding platforms.

Day 4: Building it all together

The last day of the bootcamp was about bringing it all together. Key themes included: 

  • Data pipelines and harnessing your raw data for predictive maintenance 
  • Building algorithms for driving patterns to automatically create and classify zones 
  • Visualizing large volumes of data, including how to map them and solve complex problems by organizing and analyzing large datasets

The day finished with a hands-on session that had all attendees build a fully functioning MyGeotab Add-In, which leveraged the application and connected to BigQuery for line of business data. At the end of the bootcamp, attendees received a well-earned a certificate of completion. 


Thank you to everyone who attended this successful training program. We look forward to hosting more bootcamp events. 

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