Geotab Data Shows Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Driving and Commercial Fleet Activity

Article Published by Geotab
Author: Mike Branch, Vice President, Business Intelligence

Hurricane Harvey continues to have devastating impact on the lives of Texans. The impact has been felt not only on a personal level by citizens all across the Houston area, but also economically through the thousands of businesses that simply cannot operate as they did just a few days before Harvey hit. There are Geotab devices in thousands of vehicles in the Houston area and we have already seen the economic impact that a disaster like this can have on business operations.


Monday, August 21, 2017 – Commercial Fleet Activity Before Harvey


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Here’s a 24 hour time-lapse of activity on a normal Monday, only one week earlier on August 21. You can see around the early morning hours how the city lights up and major arteries awaken throughout the course of the business day.


Monday, August 28, 2017 – Commercial Fleet Activity After Harvey

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Contrasting the August 21 map to a week later on Monday August 28, the effects of Harvey have truly hit home. The city does not light up. Its downtown core and arteries are ghosts of what they were a week before (specifically around highway 8 and 610 which loop around the city where the major roadways flooded). There is an 88% reduction in commercial fleet activity in the Houston area, translating into severe economic losses and downtime.

Comparing Commercial Driving Activity
To give you a bigger picture of this impact, we looked at areas in southern Texas where there was significant drop in commercial fleet activity from August 21 to August 28:

  • Blue means no real change
  • Green indicates an increase of 30% or more in activity
  • Red means there was a 30% drop in activity

You can truly see the impact on a grander scale by contrasting Houston to its neighbouring cities.



Safety, Community, and Aid
While disastrous flooding has caused closures on major roads, frontage lanes and exits during one of the nation’s costliest disasters, Geotab is providing insight to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“It is crucial that we do everything possible to help our customers protect the lives and safety of their drivers in the affected areas as we continue to face the outcome of this storm,” said Neil Cawse, Geotab CEO. “Geotab is working closely with our partners to provide relevant data so that commercial and emergency fleets are able to travel safely and respond urgently to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.”

For updated map views on commercial fleet activity in Houston during this crisis, refer back to this blog post each week to view or download our latest time-lapse images