Geotab Drive & MyGeotab Updates July 2017: New User-Friendly Vehicle Inspection Workflow

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In this month’s edition — Must-read update on Geotab Drive for Authorized Resellers and Geotab Users.

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JULY 2017

Geotab Drive / ELD Updates

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) Workflow Enhancement
This month’s update, includes a more user-friendly Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) workflow. The DVIR Repair page now has two options for certifying the repair status of an inspection with defects — “Repaired” and “Not Necessary.”

When a mechanic or repair personnel is recording details for a vehicle or trailer within Geotab Drive, they are now able to make a distinction between repairs that have been made from those that are not required.

For more info on DVIRs, read our new blog post on vehicle inspections.

Geotab Drive updates DVIR workflow enhancement

Drivers Can Edit Duty Status
Drivers are now able to edit the duty status of a log, if the new status was the same as the status of the logs directly before and after it. Please note that automatic logs associated with a drive status cannot be edited nor changed to non-driving time.

geotab drive ELD HOS screen edit duty status

Error Messages More User-Friendly
Always keeping the user in mind, Geotab has made error messages less obtrusive and more user-friendly. When an error message populates within Geotab Drive, the user will be informed that “An error has occurred and has been reported.” If an API call error occurs, a similar message will populate and details about the error type are visible upon clicks the + Details button.

New on the Blog: Robin Kinsey discusses ELD self-certification and answers: “Is Geotab ELD Compliant?”

To learn more about Geotab Drive, see the Geotab Drive Compliance and Implementation Guide for more information on Hours of Service and DVIR, access the Driver and Administrator Guides, ELD reports, and MyGeotab Add-Ins.

Download Geotab Drive from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

What’s New in MyGeotab

Database Updates

New Diagnostic Codes Added
See the full list of diagnostics here.

Report Enhancements

Fill-Ups Report
Fuel card number and Merchant ID fields have been added to the Fill-Ups Report and the Advanced Fill-Ups Report. For more information on the Fill-Ups report and tracking fuel usage in MyGeotab, please read this blog post on increasing fuel efficiency.

fuel pump fill-ups management

Advanced Fuel Tax Report
FuelTaxTollRoad and FuelTaxAuthority fields have been added to the Advanced Fuel Tax Report. The MyGeotab’s Fuel reports support IFTA and IRP reporting, and are a helpful tool for fleet management. The Advanced Fuel Tax Report displays distances traveled with fuel transaction data.


  • Improved German language translations.

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